Fare Ambiente

The Consortium Terin has always been sensitive to environmental issues , with the aim of establishing a center of environmental expertise in the province of Brindisi, has partnered with the Association FARE AMBIENTE.

FARE AMBIENTE is a European Ecological Movement was founded by a group of academics, policy experts and environmental management, along with many young people, workers, professionals, entrepreneurs, citizens, who have decided to join together to fight a methodology anachronistic to protect the environment and the ecosystem.

Each fundamentalism ultimately harms the cause , resulting often irrational and creed. FARE AMBIENTE is a Movement of associations environmentalist inspired by the liberalism of solidarity that develops in the form of state subsidiary . The principle of subsidiarity as set out by Aristotle, St. Thomas, Proudhon, Tocqueville and the Catholic Church is not only a model of division of powers, but a philosophy of life that essentially regulates the relationship between the citizen and the authorities . The family is the first aggregated subsidiary and it is in the family that you start the process of environmental education which is the basis of the behavior of both individuals and communities.

The subsidiarity, which is one of the pillars of the European Union is little known by our legal system , but it is its mechanism , already present in large democracies , which can better achieve the freedom of the individual , democracy and solidarity. The State Environmental subsidiary is the model that we propose , because it presupposes the assumption of responsibility of the citizen first and then the aggregation of social and institutional levels , in the meaning of horizontal and vertical subsidiarity . The philosopher Hans G. Gadamer in his lectures Neapolitan reiterated that freedom is responsibility and that the environmental issue is not the denial of freedom but it is your responsibility .

FARE AMBIENTE inspired to democracy and market freedom as core values of sustainable development; want to say that you can not deny the rational and balanced forms of development, but this must be related to a process of change in which the exploitation of resources , the orientation of technological development and institutional change are in harmony and enhance the potential , both present and future , to meet the needs and human aspirations . The environment as a general value is transverse and should be considered as an integral part of all national and global. It is difficult to define the environment , from the Latin ambitus (everything around us), the environment and non- ecumenical ecumenism : the environment is everything!

The OMS ( World Health Organization ) defines it as " The set of elements of physical, chemical , biological and social factors that must remain in balance to avoid altering the ecosystem." Environmental protection and sustainable development of the ecosystem is in its foundation and international community to which every political and human behavior must be guided .

Sustainable development is one of the principles of the European Union . All environmental policies rooted only in a vision protectionist and denial , are demagogic and sometimes harmful to the environment because they do not take into account the international strategies and the logic of the market. FareAmbiente wants to give voice to those young men and women who want to protect the environment and quality of life through rational and equitable development against environmental fundamentalism .

The European Ecological Movement FARE AMBIENTE already has over 20,000 members and as regional coordinators and provincial includes personalities from the academic world , experts in land management, professionals, students with great responsibility and a sense of wanting to support institutional initiatives to promote sustainable development as a value general.

Sustainability is a new value that must be rooted in the conscience of everyone as a new lifestyle to limit emissions into the atmosphere (climate change), the rational use of water, land management, protection of the sea , the preservation of human and natural biodiversity , a new policy on renewable energy . Without adequate protection of the environment sustainable development is compromised. In Italy, today, we need a culture of environmental realist and not fundamentalist. An environmentalist movement that looks to the liberal democratic world, creating harmony with the world of work, businesses, schools and all organizations which are identified in our planning.