Application Cooperation

The technological innovation of public administration is a prerequisite for greater efficiency , effectiveness and economy of public and represents the enabling tool for federalism .

The public system of connectivity (LSR ) is the application of the model in the Internet network or Pa , a network that links together all the Italian public administrations , enabling the sharing and exchange of data and information resources in the face of high flexibility , reliability and security , to the advantage of the economies of the expense of Pa.

The public system connectivity has evolved into SPCoop - Public Connectivity System and application cooperation , which regulates the manner in which information exchange takes place and the provision of application services between government agencies .

Together , Spc and SPCoop provides the common infrastructure for the interconnection of central and local government : this is the essential prerequisite to integrate , to standardize and speed up the process of communication between the back-office institutions for efficient communication services to citizens and businesses.

The Consorizio Terin adopted for the development of cooperation projects application: OpenSPCoop.

OpenSPCoop is a free ( GPL v3) specification SPCoop for Application Cooperation in the Italian public administration has long been in use in the main application cooperation projects in Italy and the subject of numerous scientific publications.