Banking and Insurance

The number and complexity of the documents and information has always been a critical factor that hinders the competitiveness and flexibility of banking processes/insurance .

Today we ask the banking / insurance a change in terms of expansion of services and attention to the government and the management of information to improve the transparency, efficiency of processes and the customer experience of the end user , also with a view to regulatory compliance .

Many banking institutions / insurance companies have taken advantage of the latest developments in legislation as a lever of change for the implementation of project management and dematerialisation of processes. The technological tools , such as digital signatures and document management , allowing you to implement these innovations and turn them into success factors .

The training , which involves the participation of experts and academics, has the objective of providing accurate information about the rules, and the opportunities that come with it.






  • The CAD and the new rules: Regulatory framework in the banking and/or insurance on the dematerialisation.
  • The general plan of conservation and document management: the manual of the electronic storage and technical aspects.
  • The impact of a document management system within the organization banking and/or insurance:
    • The strategies of change and obligations
    • Tools to streamline processes and increase the efficiency of internal organizational
    • Simplification of the organizational processes and activities
  • Dematerialization of documents and projects saving - Paperless Bank:
    • Technologies and application areas.
  • The digital approach to process management banking/insurance:
    • Information Management and Technology Innovation.
    • Customer relations management and digital.
    • Certainty , Security, Speed and Flessibililità use of the information.
    • Legal validity.
  • The document management processes of the bank and/or insurance.
  • The Digital management of contracts and documents:
    • The technical aspects and safety of different types of electronic signature.
    • Subscription by means of digital signature.
    • Secure transmission and guaranteed by Certified Mail.
    • Processing and evasion practices by the solutions of document management and workflow management.
    • Legal validity, authenticity, integrity over time guaranteed by the process of dematerialization.
  • Statement of security and disaster recovery . The legal and operational instruments to manage the emergency.
  • Open data and open government. Provision of on-line services and forms related . Access to services by users.
  • Evaluation of complex organizational systems to support human performance.

TARGET: Directors and Officers BANKING - INSURANCE

Executives and officials - INSURANCE BANKING SECTOR

LENGTH: 10 weekly lessons ( each lesson : 4 hours)

WHERE: c/o Cittadella della Ricerca

WHEN: Every Thursday from 15.00 h to 19.00 h from September 2012

Is expected to issue a certificate of participation.