Business Process Analysis

Services Business Process Management designed for the optimization of business activities, the creation of synergies and the availability of measurable results, facilitate the management in strategic planning, allowing you to delete operations low added value and create competitive advantage.

Excellent skills related to BPM:
  • Consulting in modeling processes - in order to design and manage the flow of information with simple and intuitive graphical interfaces; promoting the evolution over time and the integration with external systems, define activities, transitions , roles, rules, fields and states; easily draw user interfaces.
  • Process Simulation - allows the execution of tests, tests and tests of the processes modeled, before they become available to users, and integrated systems.
  • Business Activity Monitoring - monitor and assess the performance of real-time processes to optimize their effectiveness, generate reports on their performance through efficient business intelligence tools.

The Consortium Terin, while having a stable team of professional companies that have thick and experience, he wanted to ensure the collaboration of Eng. Bernardo Nicoletti.

Bernardo Nicoletti, after extensive work experience in multinational companies such as Alitalia, Sigma Plus, Galileo, General Electric and AIG, he gained practical experience of applying the methods of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma, as well as being responsible for IT projects and processing is nationally and internationally.

Among the latest publications is particularly important to mention the following:

The methodology of Lean & Digitize. For an excellent organization (2010)

The tools of Lean & Digitize. How to improve and automate processes (2010)

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ITIL, Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Lean & Digitize
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