Data Inform S.r.l.

Management Consulting and Training, Project Management and SCM , customization of systems, Management / Outsourcing, Maintenance & User Support , System Integration

The Data Inform, founded in Turin in 1981 on the initiative of a group of consultants with many years of experience working in the ICT market in the industrial , banking, insurance , utilities and public administration.

The Data Inform the years has proven the ability to seize the opportunities arising from the changes and developments in the market , always presenting itself with resources selected and prepared in the most advanced environments and on the most reliable platforms of software engineering.

The knowledge of technology environments , the experience gained with the application and the passion in the pursuit of customer satisfaction are the key elements of the success and growth of the Data Inform that arises now at the center of the main manufacturers of ICT in Turin , which reliable partner for all types of technological application customized to customer needs.