Gei-Inform S.r.l.

Society for Computer Research and Development

The GEI INFORM S.r.l. is the parent company of the GEI GROUP of Brindisi, within which it is responsible, work on the assembly of hardware and software development.

The unique element of its success is made up of more in-depth expertise in the field of computer science and technological innovation, complemented by an increasingly wide application background .

Today, it can boast of highly specialized skills in different environments and operating systems on different hardware (IBM , BULL , UNISYS , DIGITAL, Olivetti, HP , etc. . ) And provide the best customized solutions to the real needs of different customers.

By investing significant financial resources , is designed and developed an internal methodology for the design and development of software , the forerunner of innovative tools I- CASE ( Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering ) , experiencing the same in the " rewriting" of the coding of the old procedures , for make them independent from the operating environment .

The GEI INFORM LTD is able to provide them with the system "turnkey ", the " Global Informatic Service" , being able to ensure :

- EDP Consulting and Organizational
- Study and implementation of Information Systems
- Data Processing in "Service"
- Developing application programs
- Training of the staff member and in charge of the management of CED
- Service coding and data input
- Creation of networks of different hardware hardware -house
- Maintenance of the hardware work- stations
- Body rent