IRIS S.n.c.

Enterprise services real innovative

The I.R.I.S. s.n.c. is the Company which, in the GROUP , is responsible for consulting services and business organization whether it be at the administrative level - accounting at both the recruitment and training of staff. It is also involved in management, research and development, marketing , studies and planning, design and service purchases and procurement , computer services , support for energy efficiency and the introduction of new energy carriers .

She also deals with advertising services ( advertising campaigns ) , technology transfer services and useful information brokerage businesses (new technologies and new processes, assistance in the existing business, advanced technology systems for energy saving and pollution control in relation to productive activities , centers of production, processing and handling of materials with advanced techniques ) .

Another important area of intervention of the IRIS s.n.c. is to promote , evaluate, implement, monitor , certify that the Quality Management System , in particular that relating to the production of software.La its structure relies on the collaboration of engineers, architects and accountants regularly enrolled in the respective registers .


  • The work carried out in recent years regarding the provision of services and advice to private companies for Secretariat activities , Creating and Managing Corporate Registries , Accounting, Tax Management , Legal and Economic Management Personnel , Marketing, Sales, Warehouse Management;
  • Organization of training courses on Marketing, Sales and Business Management;
  • Organization of Stage Company.