Products & Solutions

The CONSORTIUM TERIN implemented in particular:

  • Study Design and Realization of Information Systems;
  • Start-up and management of data processing centers;
  • Application Program Development , Implementation of networks with different hardware -House;
  • Professional Training Services, coding , data input and outsourching;
  • Audits of projects, based on the documentation of the expenditure incurred on the fairness of the works carried out or in the process of implementation, relative to the original design;
  • Agreements and joint ventures with domestic and international companies with similar purposes , engaging in operations as a business leader / trading company in the business services sector;
  • Access to the Internet;
  • Activation domain, mail server services;
  • Design and implementation of web services;
  • Showcases sites and e-commerce;
  • Document management systems, publishing information and news on the net;
  • Remote control systems and monitoring infrastructure;
  • Scada systems and Systems Maintenance Management;
  • Control and automation field;
  • Design / Process Engineering.