Services in the Health Sector

Consortium Terin has a huge experience and expertise in health area, where it is engaged in research, telecare services supply and production of ICT vertical solutions.

Recently has been started up a contact center for homecare and telemedicine services supply not only through telephone operators, but also through telematic instruments managed by an integrated data center.

The technological equipment of the contact center enables the management of the following main front end services:

  • Tele-care from fixed devices;
  • Tele-care from mobile devices with GPS geolocation on cartography ;
  • Telephone courtesy ;
  • Tele-monitoring / environmental alarms from buildings and equipment in the area;
  • Remote buildings monitoring.

Communications to / from contact center can take place in multichannel mode : via mail / text / fax, operators' speeches (telephone, videophone) and web.

Consortium Terin is currently involved in several research projects aimed at improving the overall service structure.