THCS s.r.l.

THCS - Telemedicine for Healthcare Solutions, was born on October 23, 2014 for the design and delivery of telemedicine services. The headquarters are in Brindisi, within the "Cittadella della Ricerca" Technological Park.

The goal is to use a technology architecture to integrate all developed components into a single telemedicine system.
The social objective has been developed with reference to the following thematic points:

  • e-Health, Telesistance, Telemedicine, Telemonitoring, Telerefertition; Benessere Tracking; Automatic control; 3D print for biomedical; helpline; teleconsultation;
  • Sensors, Microelectronics and Microsystems, Domotic, Robotics, Telecontrol;
  • Housing Social; Telecottage and Social Calls; Medicinal agenda; key chapters, technical intervention management, and map management.

The company works on the following macroactivity:

  • Realization of Technologies and Services Innovative ICT for Active & Assisted Living (AAL) and Life Environments;
  • Realization, sale, rental of advanced diagnostic and microchip products, medical devices, advanced imaging, 3D printing and other methodologies for the development of diagnostic approaches and relative services.
  • Design and development of clinical engineering services for the integrated technical management of medical devices and biomedical and scientific equipment, medical and health and administrative computer systems, telesistence and telemedicine systems in public and private healthcare providers;
  • Design, implementation and delivery of services and products for vocational training through training activities with traditional methodology or FAD or similar;
  • Training and training for the use of computer, information and telematic systems, the use and management of innovative technologies and services for the AAL and the Living Environment in general by older people and people with various forms of fragility and their caregivers focusing on the following areas: Health, Wellbeing and Comfort, Social Inclusion, Security, Integrated Domestic Care and Assistance.
  • Monitoring of training activities.

INTEGRATED SOCIAL HEALTH DOMICILIARY ASSISTANCE: THCS participates in RTI, which on 16/09/2015 received the final award of the Race for the Integrated Domestic Support Service no. CIG 5865498A10 at ASL in Brindisi. THCS has the role of delivering services for Central Operations Manager, Platform and Training Software, including ECM.

It works at the highest professional level, having the primary goal of satisfying the requirements and expectations of the Customer. To achieve this, it aimed at a Quality Policy supported by a system designed to fully control and optimize the activities. This System is certified and complies with international international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO27001: 2005 - SAFETY, CLOUD CONTROL MATRIX CSA STAR and extends the whole lifecycle of projects and products and all the business functions involved in this process.