The new CAD

The introduction of the new Digital Administration Code (CAD) through the Leg. 235/10,

  • redefines the scope within which the Directors apply ICT in the relationship with users
  • introduces new rights for citizens and businesses and new obligations for the public administration to be implemented with the help of computer technology.

The effects on the activities of leadership are many and significant . On the one hand involves sensitive interventions on the organizational part on the provision of hardware and software technologies , their use and also on the economic and financial management of innovation processes , on the other hand , introduces new scenarios to explore, in terms of design and service planning , performance improvement .

The training is aimed at spreading knowledge of the New Digital Administration Code with all its implications on the activities of Managers Managers in various Public Administrations , the Banks , the Insurance, Healthcare and Professional Associations ....

The purpose is to :

  • give an operational response to the new requirements by activating a curriculum that fosters the high profile professionals with the use of interactive training methodology through doing, through work, through the actions (learning by doing), through the Problem Solving;
  • provide the application logic of the dematerialisation of documents, analysis tools and process re-engineering;
  • organize, manage, and optimize the flow of documents for proper and productive use of dematerialization and conservation under;
  • mix styles and organizational behavior to a more effective organization and a more efficient operation.